Bill Dutcher

My book shows what a truly balanced life looks like. Like a mosaic painting, my book is a collection of memories pieced together to show what is possible when you keep your life in balance, enjoying the richness of your family life each day, combining your pursuits of fun and health, and building material wealth one brick at a time.

While written in a light-hearted style, seeing myself as a small player in life’s human comedy, my book recounts what has worked me as I have coasted to an easy win in the game of life.



My adventures as a free-range kid allowed me to build self-confidence at an early age, confirming that “The child is the father of the man.”

My glory days as a high school athlete taught me the value of teamwork and prepared me for dealing with the demands of service as a Navy officer during the Vietnam era and battling the competition in business.

How I turned a journalism degree and a $500 investment into a multi-million-dollar, family-owned oil and gas producing company demonstrates how to get rich slowly, while enjoying the booms and enduring the busts in this fast moving, volatile industry.

My adventures in self-publishing a humor book called Fictoids: Short fiction … very short are recounted to inject some humor, along with some personal anecdotes funny enough to be recalled decades later.

My quixotic basketball career, kicked off by playing Michael Jordan one-on-one at age 60 and pursued on fantasy camp courts around the country for the next 14 years, shows how tilting at windmills has been fun and good for my health, well past the time when conventional wisdom would have had me quit playing the game I love.

Most importantly, how I built my career while enjoying a 56-year (and counting) marriage and a wonderful family life as a husband, father and grandfather shows that putting your family first will not prevent you from achieving your personal goals.

My book concludes with an Epilogue detailing the life lessons learned during my 78 eventful years on this earth.